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About the Series

A national series for classic trials bikes from the pre-watercooled era which can be categorised as follows:

  • Pre 1975 British Bikes

  • Twinshocks

  • Air-cooled Monoshocks

Specific detail on class structure and eligibility rules can be found on the Classes and Machine Eligibilty page 

CONTACT  -  Gerry Minshall 07889 495178 or email   

Series Concept and Objectives

Kia with Gerry and Pete.JPG

The series is the brainchild of three riders, Gerry Minshall, Alan Wright and Peter Salt who act as the series coordinators and between them have many years experience of riding and organising events. They are enthusiastically supported and assisted by Fredina Minshall.


Alan and Peter in particular had been regular riders and winners in the old ACU Classic championship for Pre65 and Twinshock bikes, originally sponsored by Sebac and later Falcon and which eventually evolved into the current Normandale series with a class inclusion for modern bikes for over 40 riders. The emphasis on machinery in that series slowly moved away from classics and onto modern bikes and with the gradual demise of the Sammy Miller series a large void was opening for a decent national series catering specifically for classic bikes.


The three amigos put their heads together and after many meetings came up with the idea of a new series which would form a national championship. To cater for as many riders as possible each event would be held entirely off road, therefore a road licence, tax or insurance were not required and events would be spread geographically to even out travelling costs for riders living in different parts of the country over the course of the year. The trials would have sections marked out with both a clubman and expert route which would enable a wide variety of both rider and machinery to be catered for.

In 2014 the idea became reality and the series was launched with support from In Motion, Stav Chorley, The Twinshock Shop and Hofmann Precision Balancing Ltd. In 2015, series sponsorship was secured from  KIA, a partnership that continued until 2020 and whose support enabled the cash prizes from the observers draw at each event and the provision of quality awards for class winners. 2021 sees KIA depart from their role as sponsor and the series gains new sponsorship from Rockshocks courtesy of Gary and Caroline Fleckney

Clubs are invited to run the events which make up the series. To keep the series feeling fresh the same clubs and venues are not used every year. A club can run an event for one or a maximum of two consecutive years, after which that club and venue will be rested and replaced with another club and venue. After a break of a year a club can apply again to hold a further round .

The objective is to present a sustainable series with the emphasis on enjoyment and not cost. Building a trick and modernised bike that can be hopped and skipped through sections is positively not encouraged. The trials are run to no-stop rules and stopping and hopping will be marked as 5 marks lost. To this effect the series rules are that modifications to bikes in the twinshock and air-cooled monoshock class should be minimal and kept to modifications made within their eras. Converted monoshock bikes or special build pit bike engined bikes with modern components and geometry are not what a classic bike event is about. British bikes, generally referred to as Pre65, have been subject to extensive modifications for many years, therefore with modernised British bikes having been the norm for many years this class allows modified bikes to compete that conform to the  "pre65/70 eligibility criteria" used by most classic clubs throughout the country.

As it is extremely difficult to find people either qualified or willing to undertake the role of machine examiner or scrutineer, the series relies on riders to be sensible and to adhere to the class rules. It is to a large extent self policing with riders keeping an eye on other bikes to see who is doing what to their machines. If you compete on a bike that falls outside of the class rules you will not be eligible for championship points should you finish in a points scoring position. The fact is, a standard 70s bike such as a TY175 Yamaha which is set up well can win the expert class with the right rider on it, there is no need for extensive modifications.


The series concept is a simple philosophy and that is to provide events for riders that enjoy riding classic bikes in traditional type events rather than the modern stop and hop style. If you enjoy that and the atmoshphere of being surrounded by the machines of yesteryear then this is a series for you. If you want a bike that rides like a modern bike to hop skip and dance through sections, ride a modern bike and enter modern trials. This series is aimed at the more traditional way of riding - NO-STOP

An award is given to the championship winner of each class on both clubman and expert routes. These awards are presented at the annual Classic Offroad show at Telford each year.


Observers are an integral part in the success of this series and the organisers and sponsors are very keen to recognise this and reward the contribution they make.


As a show of thanks we hold a sponsored draw with prizes of £100, £50 and £25 at each round.

Observers who were not drawn for the cash prizes will each receive a gift from the sponsor.

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