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The top three from each class for 2022 are shown below



Full 2022 championship table click here


For previous years click here



NOTE that at season end the final championship points total is the sum of a rider's best 7 scores. The three lowest scores are dropped which includes non-scoring rounds. The placings below are based on the running total for all rounds to date until the final round when the dropped scores will be in effect


Class 1

Chris Garlick

Kevin Ellis

Peter Morris

Class 2

Miles Jones

William Tolson

Phiip Baxter

Class 3

Liam Robinson

Paul Dennis

Carl Batty


Class 1

Ian Cheetham

Mike Jones

Keith Burgess

Class 2

Michael Platts

Chris Tolson

Rob Faulkner

Class 3

Martin Gilbert

Chris Myers

Tony Martin

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