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Rockshocks Classic Trials Championship            Round 1: Congleton and DMCC  17/03/2024 

                                              Report and Photographs by John Dickinson

                                      The new look five round 2024 Rockshocks Classic Trials Championship got underway on Sunday, March 17, hosted

                                      by the Congleton club at their well known Mow Cop venue, high above the Cheshire town. A cracking entry of almost

                                     140 riders had eagerly awaited the start of the series, staged at the setting of the very first Classic Championship

                                     round back in 2014.

                                                                                           But following a seemingly never ending period of wet weather, culminating in long

                                                                                           periods of overnight rain, the Mow Cop hillside was the muddiest that the series has

                                                                                           ever seen!  Although the Congleton club faithful have no doubt seen it like this before

                                                                                           and I personally recall a very muddy Mow Cop mudbath back in the old SEBAC

                                                                                           Twinshock series days!

                                                                                           Whatever, everyone got parked and everyone got underway including - eventually -

                                                                                           some  unfortunates who had got stuck in a traffic jam following a bad accident on the


                                      The formatted classes were as established which has been refined to Air-cooled Mono, Twinshock and Pre-75

                                      Britshock. BUT following several years of very low entries in the Expert Britshock, for 2024 the Expert Britshocks

                                      were incorporated into the Twinshock Championship. Clubman continued with healthy entries in all three classes.                                

                                     So what happened on the day? Well, basically the two laps of 20 sections  turned into

                                     something of a war of attrition with the enemy being endless, slippery MUD - including

                                     between sections - although at least the weather bucked-up and observers were able to stay

                                     dry and enjoy their day.

                                    The 32 Expert entries relished the challenge with just seven retirements and as expected

                                     witnessed the bulk of the field in Air-cooled Mono and Twinshock.

                                    Best score was posted by Miles Jones who has won both the Britshock Championship (on a Triumph Cub) and

                                    Twinshock (Honda TLR) but this year is targetting the Expert Air-cooled Mono title on a Honda RTL. Miles dropped just

                                     40 marks, which was a good score on a difficult day but Bristol's Scotty Cameron pushed him close on the Fantic


                                     There was actually little between the A-CMs and Twinshocks, the difference on he day definitely down to the rider.

                                     To many, riding in mud is a black art but to watch a mud-master clean what looks an impossible section is something


                                                                                Reigning Air-cooled Mono Champ Roman Kyrnyckyj (TLM 260) certainly has the skills and

                                                                                his powerful ride on the muddy penultimate sub on the first lap was awesome. Also keeping

                                                                                his score in the 40s was London based Chris Koch who informed us that the mud 'down

                                                                                south' was 'different' to that at Mow Cop!

                                                                               Although the Britshock class is now incorporated with the Twinshock there was actually a

                                                                               close battle between Harry Bowyer on the rasping little Triumph Tigress twin, Nigel Scott on

                                                                               Gerry Minshall's James and Rob Bowyer's well known Triumph twin. Unfortunately Liam

                                                                               Robinson retired his Greeves - with re-built motor - with just four sections to go.

                                     All three Clubman classes were well supported with the lowest  Clubman score going to

                                     Twinshock winner - and reigning class Champ - Derrick Edmondson.  Derrick used his multi

                                     skill-set to maximum effect to master the conditions on his  sweet-running TLR200. Again it

                                     was a close-fought class with James Lamin just five marks behind Eddy while Thomas White

                                     completed the podium.


                                     Pete Ruscoe bossed the Air-cooled Monos in what was a Honda dominated 1-2-3. Pete and

                                     third placed Steve Williams, mounted on two-stroke TLM260s, sandwiching Tony Rimmer's


                                                                             Britshock saw Bantams rule the roost, Tim Blackmore in great form to take a clear-cut

                                                                             maximum points from  Paul Howells and Devon's ever present Martin Gilbert.

                                                                             The Clubman rate of attrition was high with 24 retirements, some machine related

                                                                             some with rider problems.

                                                                             Massive thanks to the Congleton club faithful, Martin Beech and co, who battled the

                                                                             weather and made the very best of what they had to work with.