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Rockshocks Classic Trials Championship    Round 2: Huddersfield Falcon MCC  06/04/2023 

                                              Report and Photographs by John Dickinson

                                     Just a month after the successful opening event of the 2023 Rockshocks season, courtesy of the Congleton guys                                                                             and gals, Huddersfield Falcon hosted Round 2 on Good Friday at Whitegate Farm, Cartworth Moor, high up above                                                                             Holmfirth, the town made famous for being the venue of long-running TV programme, Last of the Summer Wine.                                                                               Some would say that was quite fitting!


                                         Falcon club stalwart Bob Tyas informed us that the event made history as the 150 strong entry is the largest that the

                                     club has catered for since its inception in 1961. And it could have been more as riders were still requesting entries

                                     after the closing date.


                                                                                 Clerk of the Course NIgel Greenwood knows this steep-sided valley like the back of his                                                                                                                         hand and while it is compact, NG created variations on his theme that kept the trial fresh.                                                                                                                       With a nice beck to work with plus the steep valley side there was good variety. And while                                                                                                                     there were several single figure scores recorded, these were exceptional rides and any                                                                                                                         score in low double figures was a good one!


                                                                              Topping Expert Twinshock was Welsh ace Miles Jones whose score of just eight on the                                                                                                                          four-stroke Honda TLR kept the chasing, squabbling pack of Fantics at bay. It was a real battle                                                                                                              for the podium as well with Yorkies Darren Wasley and Will Tolson holding off Graham Tales                                                                                                                  and Richard Webster with Simon Hirst the next Honda home.  


                                          One notable entrant was three time World Champ Yrjo Vesterinen who turned out on his very special 280cc Bultaco                                                                        but Vesty admitted to not having ridden much of late saying before the start, "Maybe I should not have come today, I                                                                         am not really prepared for this!"                                                                  

                                     And a notable retirement was Nigel Scott who was out for a gallop on pal Roy Palmer's infamous Kawasaki KL                                                                                   four-stroke 'Ratta' which suffered a broken clutch cable - and Scotty managed to 'lose' the only solderless nipple they                                                                       could find!

                                     The small 10 strong Expert Air-cooled mono class amazingly had three two-stroke Honda                                                                                                                       TLM260R models in the top five. Amazing as none were officially imported into the UK                                                                                                                           back in the day!  And taking the maximum points was Lancashire's Ben Butterworth who                                                                                                                       recently bought the 260R jointly with brother Jack - and it was Ben's turn for a go on the                                                                                                                       lively stroker.


                                     It was a pair of TY Yams who completed the podium though with Sam Clarke taking second,                                                                                                                 out on the Yam although he also has a Triumph twin and a Bultaco in the arsenal - the                                                                                                                           Bultaco being used to take the Premier in last year's Leven Valley Two Day.

                                     The Yam was the tool for Good Friday though and after dropping 17 marks to the 15 of Ben Buttie, it was probably the                                                                       five on section 16 that cost Sam a run at maximum points. Patrick Edwards took third on his Yam with the TLM260Rs                                                                         of Anthony Ayrton and Roman Kyrnyckyj following home.

                                                                                 Expert Pre-75 Britshock proved a triumph for Robin Luscombe and his Bantam although at                                                                                                                     the finish Lusky thought his loss of 21 was not good enough to win acknowledging that,                                                                                                                         "There are a lot of good riders in the class."  


                                                                                 Triumph mounted Ben Robinson bagged second, three maximums against the one five                                                                                                                          mark loss for Robin proving pretty much the difference. And Ben managed to stay one                                                                                                                            mark ahead of Paul Dennis, the latter out on a Bantam - complete with a very standard                                                                                                                            looking frame - instead of his usual Tiger Cub.


                                                                               There was good variety of machinery in class though with Peter Ashmore's James. Martin                                                                                                                       Stanistreet's Villiers and the rasping Triumph of Rob Bowyer the next three home. It wasn't                                                                           a good day for the Triumph twins with neither Rob, George Emmott and James Hough able to mount their usual                                                                                 challenge.

                                     Two notable retirements were Nick Shield on Andy Bingley's awesome Ariel and 280 BSA mounted Chris Garlick, a                                                                           potential winner. Also, 2002 Champ Liam Robinson and Matt Chambers were both no shows on the day.

                                     As ever, the Clubman classes were jam packed, with Twinshock boasting over                                                                                                                                         50 challengers. And up at the sharp end it was the usual Fantic versus Honda battle.                                                                                                                               And it was the Italian two-strokes who came out on top with Chris Tolson and Andrew                                                                                                                             Dawson both posting single figure scores, Chris just getting the drop, six marks to                                                                                                                                   seven.

                                     There was then a slight gap back to West Leeds club stalwart Howard Gulley who led a                                                                                                                         quintet of chasing Hondas comprising Ian Blackburn, Mark Barrow, Michael Platts and                                                                                                                             Jim Williams.

                                     Moving on to Air-cooled Mono and we had a clear winner in Andrew Coulson who enjoyed two speedy cleans on the                                                                       tricky section 12 in the amphitheatre, a feat only matched in class by fifth placed Steve Williams.

                                     Paul Atkinson took second place, just one mark ahead of the ever present Keith Burgess, Paul's GasGas sandwiched                                                                       in between the two Yamahas.


                                                                                          Lowest score of the day, in either class, was posted by the vastly experienced Tim                                                                                                                                  Blackmore who cruised his Bantam round the two laps of 20 sections for a mere two                                                                                                                              marks. These were a dab in the third section on the opening lap and a second lap dab                                                                                                                            at the eleventh sub.

                                                                                         Tim made a tricky course look easy as shown by the

                                                                                         runner-up score of 12 by Wetherby's Ian Myers on his

                                                                                         tidy Cub and just one mark astern was Chris Myers from                                                                                                                                                                               Coniston, Cumbria on the 250 Tribsa featuring a Triumph                                                                                                                                                                             Tigress engine.

                                                                                       Huddersfield clubman Chris Haigh took his Velocette MAC

                                                                                       to seventh place before turning his hand to working out the                                                                                                                                                                         results for all our benefit.


                                      Huge thanks to all who provided a near perfect course and sections and of course to the willing observers with                                                                                  whom it is always a pleasure to chat.



Ben Butterworth cues up the Honda for the final climb of section 11

Gee-it up there lad. Maximum effort from Mr Knaggs

Chris Haigh urges on the big Velo

A brace of Myers.  ''Wonder if anyone would notice if I just nudge this rock under his back wheel''