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Twinshock Classes machine guide



The purpose of this list is to provide clarity and remove any ambiguity over which twinshock bikes should be entered in which class.

With some bikes it is never going to be a clear cut decision as to which class they should go in, some models span both eras but with little or no technical update such as the 247 Montesa Cota. This bike would compete in the older class. Some models benefitted from aftermarket frame kits from Majesty, Whitehawk, Miller, Gollner, Cheney, Steve Wilson for example and there were also one-off bikes built by their owners using home built frames.


Where bikes have aftermarket frame kits the class they belong in will be determined by the date that the frame kit was made available, or whether it modernised a bike enough to move it from early to late specification (ie; TY250 with Majesty frame or Suzuki RL with Beamish frame) Some frame kits span both eras such as Bultaco Miller Hi-Boy and its class will depend on which year Bultaco it was designed for.

Class 2 Twinshock

Bultaco up to 1975 model/frame number prefix 150/151 or lower (ie:  these are the "slimline" and earlier models)

Bultaco with early type Hi-Boy Miller frame

Bultaco with Whitlock frame

CCM 350 (four stroke)

Ossa MAR MK1 and MK2 (ie: upright rear dampers)

Ossa MAR with Gollner frame

Ossa MAR with Cheney frame (non-cantilever)

Montesa Cota 247

Montesa Cota 247c

Montesa Cota 172

Montesa Cota 123

Montesa Cota with Whitlock frame

Kawasaki KT250  (not Gollner)

Suzuki RL250 Exacta (not Beamish)

Alta Suzuki

Gaunt Suzuki

Yamaha TY125

Yamaha TY175 (not Majesty or similar modified)

Yamaha TY250 (not Majesty or similar modified)

Honda TL125 (including Hi-Boy Miller frame)

Honda TL250

Honda Fraser

Jeffries Honda

Class 3 Twinshock

Aprilia 320

Aprilia TX300

Armstrong.CCM 250 Hiro

Armstrong/CCM 310 Hiro

Armstrong/CCM 320 Hiro

Armstrong/CCM 240 Rotax

Armstrong/CCM 350 Rotax

Bultaco model/frame number 158/159 onwards (ie: the model after the "slimline with seperate tank/ side panel)

Bultaco with later type Hi-Boy Miller frame

Bultaco with Wilson frame


Fantic 125

Fantic 200

Fantic 240

Fantic 300

Garelli 320

Gori 125

Gori 175

Gori 280/320

Honda Seeley

Honda RS200

Honda RS220

Honda RS250

Honda TLR200

Honda TLR250

Honda TLR with Whitehawk frame

Honda TL200

Honda TLM50


Kawasaki Gollner


Montesa Cota 248

Montesa Cota 348

Montesa Cota 349 red

Montesa Cota 349 white

Montesa Cota 200

Montesa Cota MH123

Montesa Cota MH200

Montesa Cota MH349

Montesa Cota 330

Montesa Cota 349/4

Montesa Cota 350

Montesa Cota 242

MotoVilla 320

Ossa MAR MK3 (angled dampers)

Ossa TR77 (green bikes)

Ossa Gripper TR80

Ossa TR303


Suzuki Beamish silver engine

Suzuki Beamish black engine



SWM TL280/320


Transama 320

Yamaha Majesty or similarly modified TY175 and TY250

Yamaha Whitehawk






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