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   Rockshocks Classic Trials Championship    Round 6: West of England MCC  18/06/2023 

                                              Report and Photographs by John Dickinson

The second half of the Double Devon weekend was thanks to the West of England team and held at Paradise, Horridge Meadow, Halsager Cross near Ashburton. Just like Saturday's venue, this was also deep in the Devon countryside, lost in the leafy, narrow lanes the county is famous for.

The course, from the picturesque start field, again disappeared immediately into the woods where the course meandered taking full advantage of the very slippery stream and steep bankings. The weather, thankfully, wasn't as hot as the previous day but the threat of thunderstorms or heavy rain was present.

With a 10.30am start and many competitors looking to get a flying start for their journey home of - in some cases - several hundred miles - there was no hanging around from the 50-odd contenders and all classes were straight on the move from their four starting points on the course.

                                       Beginning again with the Experts it was all change as Ian Peberdy slipped from top to bottom                                         over Saturday's result while Roman Kyrnyckyj and Matt Spink, making it a Honda TLM260R                                            one-two and Beta mounted Liam Atkinson, all moved up a notch to fill the podium!

                                         Twinshock Expert brought up another maximum Championship points haul for Will Tolson                                             who revelled in the conditions posting the only single mark score on the Hard course, just                                             seven marks as the Fantic rider made a tricky course seem easy leaving Andrew Cundy and                                           Mark Datson in his wake to scrap for the minor placings, Andrew just shading his rival by a                                             single mark.


Paul Dennis and Dave Sherlock swapped places in the Britshock class with the Yorkshireman

prevailing this time round with an eight mark advantage while Tom Bartrum made it an all

BSA Bantam podium.

Moving on to the Clubman we had an interesting finish in Twinshock with three riders all

finishing on three marks lost - and all declared joint winners! This is because as the class

was split over several starting points it was not possible to work out Furthest Clean.

Of the trio, Chris Tolson and Michael Platts, on Fantic and Honda, are long-time series

regulars and Championship contenders while Bath visitor Bretton King really enjoyed his first Rockshock outing, on the little Fantic 156, and threatened to enter further upcoming rounds!

                                                 Derrick Eddy slipped to fourth on the day while fellow Honda TLR rider Mark Barrow                                                       was handicapped by a snapped footrest early on but continued with a makeshift                                                             Molegrip 'peg'!

                                                 The Britshocks also saw a tie at the top between two

                                                 very different Triumph twins, the                                                   

                                                 whispering little 250cc Tigress engined Tribsa of

                                                 Chris Myers and the rasping 500 of                                                     

                                                 Jim Ashford, Chris just getting the verdict 

                                                 (as both started at the same section).




                                                                             Martin Matthews bagged third on his 250 Francis Barnett as four-                                                                                       stroke BSA mounted  Darren Walker shaded Saturday winner Nigel                                                                                     Greenwood for fourth, Nigel's score  blighted by the slippery streams                                                                                 on the first lap.



                                                                            Air-cooled Mono again saw local man Martin Gilbert on top form                                                                                          dropping  just a three, on the opening lap at the eleventh sub, and a                                                                                  couple of dabs for a total of five on the Fantic.

                                                                           Completing the podium were Mark Whelan, on a very tidy Honda RTL in

                                                                           classic 'factory' Rothmans livery and Paul Atkinson on his GasGas.                 


       Massive thanks to all the Devon crew,  especially Kailee for all her hard work, for a super weekend's sport.